Sunday, May 22, 2005

What can this mean?

I received the following "form letter" email. When it comes to blog, I don't know how to distinguish a Pulitzer from a Publisher's Clearing House letter, but I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and link them for a while.


Just wanted to let you know that your blog was selected as the "Best Gay Blog Stories" and will be promoted at on June 1, 2005 (after 7AM EST).  We found your site to be professional, highly recommended by others, and with lots of great updated content.  We also enjoyed your stories.  Congratulations!

Please consider adding us to your link list.

All the best!

The Best Gay Blog Staff


bj said...

"Please consider adding us to your link list." ------- um, how do i say this and not be cynical?????? (okay, my head hurtz from trying, i give up)

Tony Adams said...

BJ, do you mean they're not going to arrive on my doorstep with a tiara and roses?! No blog-signing at the Barnes and Noble in Fargo?! Once again, I'm Laura in Glass Menagerie