Thursday, April 23, 2009

I looked it up.

Tonight, a very loud crazy man was screaming to himself as he walked up Broadway past Lincoln Center.

"Of course I know that. Rachel Ray's mother. World. War. Two. Rachel Ray, Martha Raye. Who doesn't know that. I know that.

I had to look it up when I got home. She was not. She did however have seven husbands and a daughter whom she named Melodye.

And she once sued Bette Midler and lost.

The things you can learn in this town.

"So take it from a big mouth, new Polident green gets tough stains clean."


Y | O | Y said...

Rachel is from up my way...Queensbury near Lake George if I'm not mistaken.

chamblee54 said...

TV Guide had an article about Martha Raye a few years ago ( Back when it was fifteen cents a copy). At one point in the action, a lady gave Miss Raye "her first drink of the day". The lady was referred to as the "secretary/companion" of Miss Raye.