Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Feast of Fools

I listened to the President's speech at last night's HRC dinner. It was a very pretty speech. The hall was filled with gay accessocrats who erupted with frenzied applause at all the moments designed for it. Actually, the speech was empty of anything other than good wishes. What the President did not say rang louder than what he did say. For instance, he did say this:

My expectation is that when you look back on these years you will see a time in which we as a nation finally recognize relationships between two men or two women as just as real and admirable as relationships between a man and a woman.

That’s why I support insuring that committed gay couples have the same rights and responsibilities afforded to any married couple in this country.

This translates to: I never have and never will support gay marriage.

Only a fool would stand up and applaud that declaration. The HRC dinner was a feast of fools.


Blogger ewe said...

President O'Bummer isn't doing anything for us. It was nothing but a cordial evening of oohs and ahs. Means little. Accomplishes less.

2:00 PM  
Blogger Homer said...

I bet they all looked spiffy in their fancy outfits and that the money they paid will buy Joe Solomonese some nice things with his $348,000 salary package...

2:16 PM  
Anonymous RawForReal said...

And why does Nobama's speech's lack of content surprise anyone?

4:55 PM  
Blogger Sebastian said...

We need the yin and the yang. We need the people who wear suites and clean up good and make the power elite comfortable. But we can never end there. We need the street people, we need the block captains, we need- dare I say it - community organizers. We need folks who will talk to everyone - to Rotary clubs and parish councils and school boards and everyone else. And we need the folks who will push them. And we need the folks who will say to the power brokers: "Look, I'm nice, but you have to work with me here. Give me something, because if I don't have something to bring back to the community, well, just look at the mob out there!"

12:21 AM  
Anonymous Yo said...

What HRC dinner isn't a feast of fools? Give the guy a break. The host of problems facing us (and him) today are enormous and do not need to be catalogued by me. There are only so many resources to go around and gay marriage isn't a sufficiently pressing issue to command the resources demanded by some. While the current laws are unfair and in some individual cases the cause of tremendous human suffering, the average gay person's life will be made better by a cleaner (or less poisonous) environment, more secure health care access and better relationships with the rest of the world - than passage of gay marriage and anti-discrimination laws.

11:58 AM  
Anonymous Brooklyn Bill said...

Actually, Obama did once express support for gay marriage, when he was running for the state senate in Illinois in 1996.

That was back before he adopted the Democratic Party's now sacred belief that the liberals who had previously made up the heart of the party were the source of all its problems--that the "loony left" had to be excoriated at every turn to appeal to the definitely-not-loony right who were the heart and soul of America. Even though the Republican Party now quite transparently consists of a bunch of faux-Christian, hypocritical, fascist haters, the Dems--who are in complete control of the federal government--are still reluctant to push back against the wingnuts and to stand up for their former, progressive beliefs. Much of that has to do with keeping the checks from Big Business coming in, but it also has to do with the death grip Republicans have on the inside-the-Beltway political-media complex and the cowardice of so many national Democratic politicans. Until the Dems show they're once again the party of the little people and not a bunch of cowering corporate tools, I'm voting Green. To do otherwise leaves us dining at the Feast of Fools with the HRC sellouts.

2:53 PM  
Blogger Stash said...

I think it's high time the LGBT community banded together and pulled the apologists' heads out of their collective asses AND hold Obambi accountable for his actions.

Otherwise we'll never get anywhere.

We can start with HRC.

3:14 PM  

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