Friday, June 29, 2007

caption invited

Here's a leftover from this year's Folsom Street East festival. Click to engorge. Supply the appropriate caption

Or, if you prefer, leftover#2:


Jeff said...

Oh my god, I can't believe he's wearing a bluetooth headset!

I can has flogging?

farmboyz said...

Mine for #2: "Dear Mom, On Sundays, the Warden lets us socialize in the yard for a few minutes after chapel."

John said...


"Hi, this is Seven of Nine - are my dressy nipple rings on the bathroom shelf?"

Jeff2 said...

Top Photo: Slave #1, far left, wears his Bluetooth headset for his walkie-talkie phone so he can hear spur-of-the-moment orders from his Master at the Folsom Street Fair. "ON YOUR KNEES! BEEP!"

Homer said...

#1, "That outfit is adorable!" "I got it on sale at Sears!"

farmboyz said...

Mine for #1:
"The helpful staff at the Folsom Overeaters Anonymous booth...."

Y | O | Y said...

#1: "Okay, that's a Whopper, hold the pickle, cherry pie, and a chocolate shake. That'll be $6.73. Please drive thru."

Cooper said...

2. I want cool sunglasses like the other boys!

Mike said...

#1: "As horrible as it looks now, the doctors are astounded he's able to walk again, and the oral surgeons say that the retainer should be able to come off in about three weeks."

#2: "Oh God, my nipples are freezing."

tater said...


"Okay, honestly Gunther, when I wear my harness on the left, does it make me look fat? God I knew I should have gone to Barney's instead of this humiliation fest... off the shoulder, maybe? ...Gunther?... *sigh*

TJ said...


"Does that come in any other colour?"

TankMontreal said...

It seems one hasn't done Pride until one's done NYC Pride. Some day I need to be there.
Images and words of your celebration serve to pump me up for our own in August - though there's no real comparison, is there?
In the meantime, you've been tagged. Play along if you like. Or not (maybe you've played this game already). 'Sup to you.

David said...

Man on right: I just don't think it was their best Tristan and Isolde. I mean, the one I saw at Covent Garden was so much more engagé.
Man on left: You're such an elitist! Is it all just dogma for you? What about director's intent? Am I right Wayne, or am I crazy?
Wayne: Mmmphgphmmm.

"You set the TiVO for "Army Wives," right?"

Mondschein said...

#1: "Can I get fries with that?"