Saturday, April 26, 2008

You Can Teach an old Poi Dog New tricks

Friday night, Joe and C and I went to Bowery Ballroom for the Poi Dog Pondering concert. (Poi Dog is surfing lingo.)

Can it really be more than twelve years since we last saw this impossible-to-categorize band? I was worried that their magic would be tied to youthful exhuberance and that the years would have robbed them of energy, but that is not the case. Wisely seasoned musicians, they are tightly in synch with each other and able to elevate Frank Orrall's compositions to refined jazz that really must be heard live. Their sound is mariachi/gaellic/dance/jazz/world fusion. The redolent wood of Bowery Ballroom wrapped their sound perfectly.

Joe was drinking only fruit juice, for he is carrying our child. C and I don't want the stretch marks.


Tater said...

Good things DO come from Chicago, Poi a prime example.

Cooper said...

Let us know when Joe is due to make his appearance on Oprah. Was this an immaculate conception?