Monday, June 23, 2008

Folsom Street East 2008

Go here for thirty photos of this convivial leather and fetish event, some of which might be considered borderline NSFW.

Later in the week, I'll add more, and some video. Almost all the new York bloggerati were in attendance, and the brief downpour did little to dampen spirits and much to keep the rubber glossy.

males au naturel

c, glenn, nick, joe, chris


Tater said...

Diet Coke should be paying you handsomely for the product placement in the first shot, and please tell Stash that he never looked more flawless (shot five, the headdress).

Looks like a fun time was had by all, and I hope to be in attendance next year. I must admit that seeing a canine foreleg as an ass toy was a new and very unwelcome departure from my comfort zone. C in the hat and glasses? Hot.

Tony said...

"One wonders about the propriety of wearing a winner's sash once one's reign is completed. "

Evidently, you aren't really deeply into the leather scene, or the titleholder community. That's NOT A SASH - It's a Title Vest. If you had been paying attention for the last thirty years, you would have seen thousands of other leatherfolk wearing their years-old title vests in public venues. Once your title-year is over, the vest is your badge of honor forevermore, and is fully appropriate for any venue.

I'm guessing that leather is a hot, sexy outergarment to you, and that's it. Try not to judge others who are deeper into the scene, okay?

BigAssBelle said...

the photos were fabulous, but your astute and, at times, pithy commentary even more so.

the giant nipples . . . oh my. the pony boy in gas mask. it's all just so deliciously, delightfully foreign, so far from anything in my life today.

i feel like the sneakered churchwoman in the polkadot white dress looking through these windows into a life unimagined.

but appreciated . . . and your camera skills, magnifique!

Father Tony of the Farmboyz said...

Dear Tony,

You might want to consider switching to decaf. You have found judgement where there was none.

You're right, I am proud to say that I have not been paying attention to much of anything in the last thirty years. Even if I had been, I doubt I would have seen "thousands" of these vests. And, I was using "sash" in the poetic sense. You are also right in your guess that I (like maybe 95% of the attendees at Folsom Street East?) am not deeply into the leather scene. I spent too many years collared, and in black....

Father Tony

Anonymous said...

Hey Father Tony -

Thanks for the great pics and commentary. I was particularly moved by your comment on JMG: "It's about commaraderie steeped in freedom of expression on a summer sunday afternoon."

That's precisely what we're striving for.

best regards,

John Weis
(the exhausted producer of yesterday's event)

Father Tony of the Farmboyz said...

Dear John,

Glad you liked the photos. I'll be assembling some video clips later in the week. Have I earned a press pass for next year so I can get more "behind the scenes" shots, hint hint?
Your devoted

Father Tony

Stash said...


You're a dear dear man but I didn't attend FSE this year.

Any pix that Padrecito took that resemble moi are entirely coincidental. ;)

Mark said...

i grieve that i only saw you boys for but an moment...the sight of my downstairs neighbor au naturel was a bit too much for my old eyes.

and thank heaven for the serendipitous placement of that diet coke can! or was it serendipity at all?

cb said...

What a handsome bunch of fellows.

SubtleKnife said...

Sorry about my little joke yesterday, I hope I didn't offend.

I thought the "This man likes cock" shirt was great, but of course I haven't seen yours yet...

SubtleKnife said...

PS. Sunshine says the ponyboy could easily be a Doctor Who character.

Father Tony said...

Dear Subtleknife,
No offense taken. Your comment was clever and funny and I would never suspect you of anything mean-spirited (unlike some of the alarming commenteurs who have latched on to JoeMyJerrySpringer).
Your Devoted Father T