Wednesday, January 06, 2010

That's it? That's all? Unbalanced Reporting

In this huge NY Times profile of Florida Governor Charlie Crist,  the only mention of his rather frequently verified gay life is summed up a little too benevolently by Mark Leibovich:

For much of his term, Crist’s approval ratings sat in the 60 and 70 percent range. He was largely free of scandal, other than for having had to endure the dreaded “longtime bachelor” tag in politics. Crist, who was married for less than a year in his 20s, has been subjected to the requisite wink-wink about sexual preference that accompanies middle-aged bachelorhood in politics. It abated slightly after Crist got engaged in July 2008, around the time — wink-wink — that John McCain was considering him to be his running mate. Critics saw even this as a comical example of Crist’s willingness to do anything to further his career. NBC’s Chuck Todd joked on the air that Crist might call off his engagement if McCain did not pick him. (Crist married the former Carole Rome that December.)
Tell me Mr. Leibovich isn't hoping for gratitude. Obsequious.

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