Thursday, January 07, 2010

Today on Bilerico: "16 Years Old and Already a Rebel Catholic""

You'll have to go over to Bilerico to see my answer to this (enhanced with video of Mama Cass Elliot, Leslie Gore and Martha Reeves and the Vandellas.)
Fr. Tony, 
My name is Donny, and I am a 16 year old Catholic. I read one of your articles online about the Roman Catholic Church and homosexuality and LOVED it. You brought up a really good point about the "fan club card"! My question to you is this... I love Jesus and most teachings of the Catholic Church but some just do not click. (Especially when it comes to homosexuality being "sinful"). I really want to have a partner some day and I do not want to be looked down on because of it! Would it be wrong to explore and find Jesus myself without the aid of the Church? Thanks for taking the time, and I hope to hear from you soon.

God bless,
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ewe said...

Isn't Jesus symbolically supposed to sort of morph into what and who is searching for him? I certainly hope your answer to Donny will be a resounding YES!!!!!! He is already so emotionally together in my opinion and the fact he knows that Jesus is to be about love and goodness is inspiring.

Blindman said...

Talk about your six degrees of separation! Tony, when I was in the novitiate on the island of North Haven, near Sag Harbor, NY, Mama Cass owned a house nearby. One winter day after a snow storm she drove a snowmobile up the hill to the retreat house, and was met by our ancient retired priest, also named Tony. In his thick Italian accent he said "Ged Oudt" All the (gay) novices were crushed. Mama Cass!!!Sent packing!
Thank you Tony, for being you!

RawForReal said...

Where were you when I was 16?

I just read your reply on Bilerico, and it's perfect.