Thursday, August 27, 2009

This week in the South Florida Blade

My new favorite gay word: Accessocrats


David said...

That article reminds me of that interchange in "Postcards from the Edge" where Meryl Streep's character accuses Shirley MacLain's of being a bad mother and MacCLain responds "would you rather have had Joan Crawford?" and Streep replies "You or Joan Crawford? Those are my only choices?"

Glitterati or gay thugs? Those are my only choices? Maybe HRC and GLAAD fit the former stereotype but I don't agree when it comes to Lambda Legal or NGLTF and others like them. They don't smash windows and they may have well-groomed staffers, but they also aren't afraid to make noise and push when pushing is called for. I will never throw my hat in with those that advocate violence. I will hit back if I'm attacked, but I won't throw the first punch.

BigAssBelle said...

I'll take a Molotov cocktail, please, and an extra cache of bullets for my long gun.

Accessocrat holds no appeal. Bash Back taps into my inner angry wench, the one who's barely kept under control on the best days, and who makes herself known in all sorts of ways on the worst.

When I was involved in EarthFirst! we generally assumed that our radical tactics ensured that more moderate, "reasonable" environmental groups were able to get a hearing from Power. Our ecoterrorist actions made them look like the Junior League in comparison. We ensured they would be met in Congress with open arms as the reasonable people, while our activities drew public attention to environmental atrocities.

There's room for both, but by my nature, I'm definitely on the side of the acters up.

kitchenbeard said...

I showed this to a friend and he commented that the Bash Back anarchists are the same kind of kids who grow up to drive subarus and screech "won't somebody please think of the children." While I'm not quite that cynical, I do question how many of those white kids really have had to fight for anything besides their paren't attention.