Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Archbishop of New York. Thoughtful. Daring. A man of promise.

He doesn't just have a blog, but he allows comments (moderated, of course.)

When I left my comment, I was sure it would never be published, but it was.

This may seem like such a small thing to many of you, but it isn't. It's really very significant. Tim Dolan is not afraid to sit down with the likes of us. He is not dismissive of our kind. He will listen. This is very encouraging, and if you are inclined to leave a kind comment on his blog you will do much to reinforce his gesture. Set aside the rants for the moment. He's leaving the door open just a bit. Giving space to those who are totally opposed to B16. Again, you may not understand just how significant a gesture this is. For the moment, please just take my word for it.

PS: I suspect he does not connect me with the name Tony Adams although I did have to provide the address of this blog at sign-in.


Anonymous said...

Are you out of your mind? How can you not be squeamish about talking to someone like him? From the moral point of view, he is an equivalent of a cockroach or a rat. Go to the bathroom and wash your hands with soap after leaving a comment on his blog. He is a degenerate homophobe, morally defective person who should be ignored by gay people or treated by us as a leper. Catholic clergy is truly disgusting. Please don't dirty yourself by associating with their kind.

Father Tony said...

Dear Anonymous,
I understand your anger, but the Catholic Church we know today has gone far afield of the one established by Jesus whose words are as perfect now as they were when he said them. I want to get back to THAT church. The one Jesus intended. I guess it's a reformation (revolt?) of sorts that I hope for and that I think is needed. There are many gay (and straight) priests, bishops and cardinals who would agree with me but do not have the courage to say so. They would lose their jobs if they did. Most of my friends tell me I am wasting my time. Many have become atheists in their disgust with religion. After having run as far as I could from the Catholic Church for decades, I began to feel my real vocation. The reason I was ordained. To say that the emperor has no clothes. I have nothing to gain by pushing for this dialogue - except my own integrity, and that is not such a small thing, no? Of course, John the Baptist who was probably my kind of guy (He spent a lot of time at the beach...) lost his head by saying inconvenient things. I'm rather fond of my head, but I say what I say because I know it is true. Please bear with me, even when I consort with men like Archbishop Dolan. Jesus dined with prostitutes, didn't he?