Friday, March 12, 2010

The Chickens Have Come Home To Roost

(For those of you unfamiliar with gay slang, "chicken" means "young" and a chickenhawk is an older gay man who chases very young men.)

I suppose it had to happen. I should have been able to predict this but I did not allow myself the luxury of suspecting that our biggest enemy, B16, the German Shepherd, would be personally guilty and in need of "retirement".

First there was the exit of Cardinal Law. Recently we met those guilty Irish bishops. There was that prostitution ring operated within the walls of the Vatican. There were those violated German choirboys perhaps associated with a priest who is B16's brother, and now the Pope's own Vicar General when he, B16, was archbishop of Munich has expressed his guilt over having kept a known pedophile in active ministry while B16 was archbishop of Munich. The Vicar General says that B16 was not directly involved in that decision.

"Vicar" is an interesting word. It denotes "stand-in" or "substitute". The Pope claims to be the Vicar of Christ. That is why he claims infallibility in matters of faith and morals. He says perfectly and only what Jesus would say on those matters. Gerhard Gruber was B16's vicar. B16 is the vicar of Jesus.

This is much easier than tracing the chain of command at General Motors, and in the American mind will demand the same type of accountability and reparation.

If I were a reporter in Rome right now, I'd be ringing the doorbell at Santa Maria Maggiore where I'd ask Cardinal Law if he thought that B16 ought to retire. What do you think he'd say, this ambitious prince of the Church and brilliant politician who never laid a hand on a kid but had his career scuttled by priests who did. I think the Pope should kneel before Bernard Law and let the disgraced cardinal decide whether or not the Pope should take responsibility for what happened during his watch.

I am quite sure the Catholics of this world have already reached that decision. And we certainly know what the chickens would say.

And for the record, I do not believe the Vicar for one second when he says that B16 didn't know anything about the maintenance of that pedophile priest.

(photo by David Lachapelle)


edfu said...

It's getting closer and closer, isn't it? All we need now is a Deep Throat (entirely appropriate, given that the Munich case involved forced oral sex) and a Bob Woodward and a Carl Bernstein.

It's shameful that the U.S. media have been so reticent about the daily revelations in the last few months about the European pedophilia scandals. I doubt that few know that the three-year Irish governmental investigation revealed over 14,000 cases of sexual abuse. No wonder four Irish bishops were forced to resign because of their cover-ups.

In the Kitchen With Don said...

I would love to see Papa Benedetto revealed to the world for the slime ball he really is. Unfortunately, I doubt it is going to happen. The papacy still has lots of power and money behind it, although I does seem to be losing quite a bit of both lately. I'm sure there will be other abusers from his former diocese brought to light and of course other clerics in said diocese will be taking the fall for Benedetto's mistakes. Too bad he can't be charged them. Could be interesting if he was! Don

The Milkman said...

Honey B16 could bareback Justin Bieber in the middle of St. Peter's on Easter Sunday, and folks would just pull their veils a titch lower over their faces. If the pope were actually prosecuted for such misdeeds, then that would call the entire validity of the papacy into question, no? It's tragic to be sure, but it's just not gonna happen. Not in my lifetime, anyway. People are too afraid of what it would mean. Sigh. I'm afraid we're stuck with him and his successors for the next thousand years or so...

Father Tony said...

I think you may be wrong about that, Milkman! Stay tuned.

Homer said...

The local newspaper here in Tucson, AZ carried the story in today's paper. I think this story is getting more coverage the closer it gets to B16's cock.

Anonymous said...

I don't exactly understand all of the venom directed at Pope Benedict in particular. The fundamental problem is a thousand years old: the anti-Biblical requirement of a celibate priesthood. In the beginning, God said, "It is not good for man to be alone." That hasn't changed.

St. Paul ordained that a bishop must be the husband of a wife. There was a reason for that. The demand for celibacy of the priesthood is contrary to human nature. Men have powerful sexual needs. Many of us succeed in keeping those under control prior to marriage, but to ask a man to deny his sexual side for an entire lifetime is too much. Further, the Church has, generation after generation, taken many of the smartest men out of the gene pool by making them priests and then forbidding them from reproducing.

Denied the proper and God-ordained outlet for the libido, Catholic priests by the hundreds if not thousands have preyed upon the innocent young of the Church. Priestly celibacy was a false doctrine when instituted and remains a false doctrine today. If Benedict would have the courage to ditch it, he would score some points in my book. Otherwise this is just further evidence that the Roman Church is an institution of men, and does not represent Christ.

Father Tony said...

Dear Anonymous, the venom is the response to the fact that B16 is hammering that 1000 yr tradition with particular force. He is an extremist - and not the sacramentally unctious type.