Sunday, March 21, 2010

In the Park with a Bugger

Not Central Park but Hugh Taylor Birch Park in Fort Lauderdale. The delightful Renaissance manly bug afficionado in the video is Doug Taron of Chicago who writes the popular blog Gossamer Tapestry. He is on his way to Miami where he will deliver a lecture about a virus that is threatening butterflies.


Doug Taron said...

Hee hee. It was delightful to meet you. Mystery of the gumbo limbo/ turpentine tree solved:

Father Tony said...

Well I wasn't too far off!
Next time you are back we will explore the other side of the park, its hammock, and we can look at Bonnet Park across the street.

Will said...

Your delightful conversation with my good friend Doug makes me regret even more that our host in Fort Lauderdale had us fully scheduled during our weekend there.

Other topic obviously: Why do I not think Eucharistic Adoration is a proper therapy for pedophilia?

Father Tony said...

Will, I wondered what had become of your time here.

And yes, Eucharistic Adoration (what we used to call Benediction) ain't more than a sugar pill.

ewe said...

I want to move there and i would not care to be sprayed while in my web either. You are quite right. It would cause me a wicked resentment too.