Monday, July 16, 2007

Barks and Bikes

Ours was a balanced weekend including the riotous crowd crammed into Shubert Alley (“the heart of Broadway”) for the annual “Broadway Barks”, and also, a bike trip to the serenity of Wave Hill, a city-owned garden/mansion on 252nd Street in the Bronx (We put our bikes on the subway).

At “Broadway Barks”, with Pal Joey, who had to make a stop at the nearby 7/11 done over as a Quicki-Mart, to purchase memoribilia, I loved being less than ten feet from the long line of celebrities who took the outdoor stage on behalf of dogs and cats needing adoption. Mary Tyler Moore, Angela Lansbury, Bernadette Peters, Jo Anne Worley and Harry Hamlin, to name a few.

At Wave Hill, we toured the seventeen distinctly different gardens, overlooks, buildings, exhibits and paths that comprise this twenty-eight acre dreamscape packed with rare trees and flowering plants. Panoramic vistas of the Hudson far below us, and of the cliffs of the Palisades.

Getting there was easy. An elevator at 66th Street accomodated our bikes, and, in line with subway policy, we wheeled them into the last car which we had entirely to ourselves all the way up to the last stop on the #1 line: 252nd Street. From there, you have to carry your bike down a long staircase to street level, and, you have to bike uphill for 15 minutes. This effort is rewarded by the touring of some shady streets featuring enchanted cottage-mansions designed by Dwight Baum (crazy brick, stucco, eyelet windows under slate, very arts and crafts. We'll be back to see more of these and more of the Fieldston neighborhood in which they are located. Hard to believe you are in the Bronx.


tater said...

That is a cute picture of Joe with his Krusty O's, and the images of the gardens are spectacular. Sounds like you had a great weekend!

evilganome said...

Broadway Barks looks like it was fun, though I am still most impressed with Jo Anne Worley. The gardens are beautiful, and I found the specimen in the last frame particularly impressive.

Y | O | Y said...

I saw Jo Anne in The Drowsy Chaperone the Saturday before I met you guys at the Pride parade. She didn't really give any of her silly Laugh-In type affectations in her performance. :(

BigAssBelle said...

gorgeous gardens. that agapanthus is fabulous, and the pergola! to die for.

i see that C has lost his vulva, but now he's looking just like my nephew Tim.