Friday, July 27, 2007

Michael Albetta, Dean Trantalis and Norm Kent video

At the end of the rally at City Hall, Michael A. Albetta, President of the Florida GLBT Democratic Caucus (and perhaps the most powerful speaker overall at this event) introduced City Commissioner Dean Trantalis who took a moment to introduce the Norm Kent, publisher of National Gay News.Com whose proclamation summarized much of the day.

I've listened to a lot of gay hooting and hollering for rights over the years, most of which could be chalked up to beer and would be burned away by the next day's sunlight, but this event was superior. Those who spoke demonstrated a closing of ranks among the local leadership against a seriously out-of-control bigot, Mayor Naugle.


tater said...

Dean was our lawyer down in Ft Lauderdale! Great guy. If you happen to have a chance to speak with him, please tell him that Tate and Jim from Chicago say hello, and wish him well. Any more progress on that beautiful painting?

farmboyz said...

I had to leave the painting of the pears in Fort Lauderdale to dry. I intend to follow your excellent suggestions regarding shadowing when I'm back down there.

Anonymous said...

Norm Kent is an ass

farmboyz said...

Dear Anon,
It's not nice to defame someone from within the bunker of anonymity, but you are not the first person to say that about him. I had never heard of him and had a brief (10 minute) conversation with him after the rally in which he seemed perfectly nice and not at all an ass. He seemed to me like a man who had invented himself without the benefit of role-models or guidance, hence some rough edges and quirks, but definitiely a man who has been active on behalf of the gay community. Allowances must be made for such a one.