Wednesday, January 23, 2008

PART time

I've received email from a few friends expressing their disappointment over my going back to work (referenced in a previous post). It seems that my eschewing the workplace has been enviable to many. Here is my assurance that my soon-to-commence return will be part-time.

The delightful aspect of this is that my new employer found me via this little boutique of a blog. An anonymous reader invited me to consider a possible affiliation with a New York City based, well established, rather prominent and private foundation. They were seeking someone to write their web content, and also to act as "writing coach" for their staff. I came close to not responding to his message, suspicious that it was not on the level. When he suggested lunch, I talked it over with C and came to a "why not/nothing to lose" conclusion. I was worried that the guy might be a stalker or might have some ulterior motive for meeting. These concerns evaporated when I met him in person, over lunch, and during the subsequent interviews with the foundation's president and staff. All charming, friendly and intelligent. And what a luxury to join a team that already knows the basic details of one's personal life. No need to reassume the veil I wore constantly for the past twenty-five years. Also, appreciative of my Floridian inclinations, they have tailored my presence among them to allow for ample time down here in Braindeadlia.

I won't be detailing this venture herein. Contrary to what some of you presume, this blog is not a drawerfull of total disclosure. I do have secrets, and besides, I have always given the words that walk out of me license to compose their own realities and opinions. You'd never be sure about what's real or Memorex. I am simply looking forward to flying north for a week of this and am not at all thinking of it as work.


Tater said...

I am happy you have found something to channel your abundant energy into. Knock em dead, gorgeous.

Rey D said...

Does this mean you will not have the time to build the Monastery? I was gettig ready to quit my job!

Anonymous said...

Somehow I didn't think that you'd be returning to the grind... I should be back in Florida for Memorial Day. Any chance that you (and C?) will be available for lunch or dinner?

circleinasquare said...

Well, that's different.
*replaces Father Tony totem in shrine*

Cooper said...

As I have written before, a blog is not a person. It contains only the parts we wish to share. I am thankful for those parts, and happily gather the gifts of the given.

All best in your new adventure!

Lynette said...

tony! NO!!!! please, please, PLEASE don't tell me you've had thoughts like "what shall i do with myself without work??" say it's not so, please. :(

if it's not so, congrats on being singled out as a grand writer and one who can certainly serve as a mentor to baby writers everywhere. me too.

Y | O | Y said...

Secrets? I'm great at keeping secrets! :)

tornwordo said...

Alright then, it's like a hobby/job. Don't forget to bring a coat, lol.

evilganome said...

Part time, doing something you enjoy is completely different. I will now resume my former shade of emerald and silently continue to curse you for your forethought and planning as I toil away.

farmboyz said...

Dear Evilganome,
Don't envy me for planning! This came out of nowhere. I sure wasn't looking for work.

Stash said...

It's gonna be jarring coming back from sunny Florida.

This past weekend I was hibernating in my hobbit-hole. 10 degrees F on Sunday evening.

Hobbits and snow don't mix.

Memo from me to God: it's only January. Make time go faster. Hurry up!