Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Simple Pleasure

I am watching C make one of his inventive salads.

The components:
baby spinach leaves
mixed field greens
soy nuts
chunks of fresh pineapple, honey dew and cantaloupe
dried mixed berries including cranberries and cherries
Black Castello cheese
Saint Augur cheese
mango and ginger Stilton cheese
ground pepper
powdered ginger

The dressing devised on the spot:
black currant nectar
sunflower oil left over from marinated artichokes
hot pepper balsamic vinegar

Like a mouthful of summer.

(I think my favorite food pornographer and both cuisinartists would approve.)


Stash said...

Half of me would love a taste.

The other half prefers simplicity.

It is a constant battle. ;)

Que es "soy nuts"?

Dantallion said...

God that looks good.

Tater said...

Yum! I very much approve, and might just recreate and photograph C's recipe.

David said...

Of course, picky me would have scrunched up his nose and picked all the fruit out.

What can I say? I'm no gourmet.

Mike said...

I'll be right over for lunch!

Or breakfast, with scrambled eggs and toast!

BigAssBelle said...

oh lord, that sounds divine. off to make a salad not nearly so magnificent, but definitely inspired by C's magnum opus.