Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ding Dong the Witch is Dead

It would appear that we have a new mayor in Fort Lauderdale, ending the shameful tenure of Mayor Naugle. And I can't even bring myself to trot out the Naugline hideousness for those of you who are unfamiliar with it.

The new mayor, John P. "jack" Seiler, is heterosexual, married, Roman Catholic and a family man. Even his hair style would make you think that he is going to be Naugle 2.0. I interviewed him earlier today, about an hour before the polls closed.

After the brief interview, off camera, we had a rather lengthy chat, and I was favorably impressed. He had been mayor of Wilton Manors (one of the gayest places in the known universe) during the boom years. He actually has a track record that is somewhat pro-LGBT. I think he may not be so bad. We talked about the policing of sex on the beach. We talked about the separation of church and state. We talked about justice for the LGBT community and the tourism dollar. He actually has friends who go to Slammer.

My assessment: the new mayor of Fort Lauderdale does not suck dick, but he is not so bad. I am encouraged.


ewe said...

I am not impressed. Not at all. Everything out of his mouth is safe talk. Nothing ventured nothing gained. I think it is perfectly ok not to support any candidate if their is not any one candidate running that supports us. Safe talk that discriminates against us will remain safe talk that discriminates against us. The only justification is religious beliefs and i say get the hell back in your church and out of a position of public authority. He is not serving us. I am unimpressed. He is a snake. I instinctively feel it. A slithering snake who will dance around the marriage issue and actually convince you he is on your side. Fuggetaboutit!!!

Tater said...

I was hoping Dean would win, but I think this guy is a definite improvement over his predecessor. Way to go with the timely interview! Perhaps this could spawn another new career. Live action reporting for Bilerico Project?

Anonymous said...

How do you score interviews like that?!