Saturday, February 28, 2009

Kiehl's Gives 20/20

As those of you who have tasted me know, Kiehl's coriander-infused body wash makes my skin delicious, and, I would never leave the house after 10PM (even to go to the 7/11!) without first applying Kiehl's Facial Fuel under my eyes.

And yet, last night, my established appeciation for Kiehl's sky-rocketed, as I walked through the door of their Miami Beach store at 832 Lincoln Road. The very hot Chad Richter, who is the Southeast Retail Sales Manager for Kiehl's and is also the chair of the Winter Party Festival, threw one hell of a reception for Winter Party attendees, during which, we were given a 20% discount, with Kiehl's donating another 20% of sales to the Festival. (Lincoln Road is a pedestrian Mall making it difficult to back the Uhaul up to their front door after I had made my selections for the next ten years.)

In the second video, the two guys in swim suits were not staff, but rather visitors (from Minneapolis) whose self-discipline in flying with only carry-on luggage stored under the seat in front of them became literally admirable.

Also, toward the end of the second video, in the yellow shirt of the Winter Party volunteer, is Gary who was not ready for his close-up.

And here, on the far right, cracking up behind a stack of lip gloss, is the Task Force's effervescent Deputy Executive Director of External Relations, Russell Roybal.

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The Bum said...

I want Chad! But only until I can have the original buzz-cut white boy for my very own. He was delightful and hot. Who said I wasn't ready for my close-up? That is a very well-practiced maneuver. Notice how quickly you moved the camera AWAY from me. You think that's an accident?