Friday, September 04, 2009

Love Trade Mark?

In April, On Bilerico, I wrote about circumcision. Because the subject is back in the news as it relates to the transmission of HIV, I thought I'd forward a reaction that came in last night from a reader named Han.

I made my circumcision for the converting purpose of my muslim girlfriend's wishes. Her family arranged to my khatnah on their ritual way and it did not allow any skin to cover my glan. The circumciser pull my foreskin as much as he can to top and all extra skin over glan is removed by his sward then he made only sulture over edge. At this process he did not use any medicine. After healing, I and my gf like my all time exposed circ style. As for me, its not only hygiene but also my circ scar is love trade mark for my gf.

Dear Han,

Given your investment in her, I sure hope your gf doesn't one day cut off the relationship!

Your concerned Father T

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DavidWilton said...

The best thing you can say for that one is he chose for himself - even if for the wrong reasons. I wonder if he'll screw his kids out of their foreskins. How will they grow a new one for their natural-loving atheist/Buddhist/Christian/non-circumcising-religion-of-your-choice girlfriends - or boyfriends for that matter.