Monday, September 07, 2009

Unprocessed and joyful

When the Baad Lamb looked over at my screen to watch this, he said "That is the way voices used to sound when they were not overprocessed". This is true. The electronic studio processing of a singer's voice today creates a product that is like Velveeta or a kind of audio anime.

You'll enjoy this. Martha and the Vandellas looking and sounding so happy, even when Ms. Reeves claims to have "tears all over my face".

PS: I saw this on Dray's blog. He is one of those guys who has a rarified sense of what to feature. You'll find him soon on Bilerico-NYC if the site owners ever manage to get it together for us. I am impatient.

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robert61 said...

I was all set to kvetch about lame 60s production values, but that was awesome. "Unprocessed and joyful" visuals, too. Martha is gorgeous.

On an unrelated note, my captcha for this comment is "splat".