Friday, September 25, 2009

National Equality March Song Finalists?

What? Where did this come from?

I am not the only one surprised at the unveiling of four finalists in a contest that seems to have been unpublicized.

Anyway, you can go here and have a listen to them. I am not going to review them because it would be too easy to...Let me just say that...Given that an anthem should be...Oh hell, I can't find anything nice to say about this unfortunate moment.

(PS: In 1978, a priest friend and I were finalists in a national songwriting contest for a handily forgotten entry called "Cheatin' On Myself". We were awarded $25 and, as the letter said, "The respect of the music industry".)


Larry Ohio said...

You're obviously not a member of the Facebook fan page, or connected via Twitter, otherwise you'd have known. You should sign up right away.

Birdie said...

Well, now you've got to sing that song for us. We want to respect you too.

Y | O | Y said...

This reminds me of the Millennium March on DC in 2000. The various participants had developed chants about their states. The best: "Who da ho? IDAHO!"

Father Tony of the Farmboyz said...

Dear Birdie, it had a country western flavor. Some of the lyrics were

"I've got a long velvet sofa
and an oriental rug,
what good does it do me
If I got nobody to hug

I'm gonna disconnect my phone,
Put this place up for sale,
Sell my honda to my mama,
I'd be better off in jail"

We must be forgiven.

Birdie said...

This is excellent. If you play the recording backward, you'd get the dog back, the gun back, the truck back...