Sunday, September 20, 2009

Scooter Laforge and his innocently homoerotic t shirts.(September 19th, Part I)

This is not the first time I've seen erotic art by Scooter Laforge. I knew what to expect, but I attended his t shirt/sculpture/painting installation at Envoy Enterprises on Chrystie Street hoping to figure out why I liked his stuff which, on the face of it, could be easily dismissed as not-serious.

I think I've figured out why I like it. Obviously, if one wants to see depictions of the penis, there are millions of far more realistic and glorified editions available at the click of the mouse, so that can't be it. Also, it isn't the street-naif/Basquiat quality that he works. I'm not really a fan of that dialect. It's something else. And our attendance gave me the opportunity to figure it out.

His unabashed homoeroticism is playful and entirely forthright. He seems to be uninflicted with any guilt that needs resolution or repression against which one must revolt. It's as if boldness has no home in him. He simply depicts what he wants to depict. Sex is a non-issue. It is something that we think about and seek out because we are sexual beings. That is the refreshingly short extent of his agenda.

The Baad Lamb, who paints his own t shirts, one of which he wore to this opening, snagged one of Scooter's.

Oh by the way, if you're at work in one of those places where folks run to supervisors complaining about being subjected to offensive visual images or sounds when they walk by your cubicle, this video and these photos are entirely NSFW, in a very innocent way, and, for you more high brow types, yes, I know this isn't Sargent or Homer or Caravaggio or VanGogh, or even Stuart Davis, and you will claim that I just like it because Scooter is hot in that way that I like men to be hot. Just can it and let your inner child out to play for awhile.

Scooter's words in the video explain it all.


Anonymous said...

i fucking love you guys... thanks for this!!!!



that tee shirt looks amazing on you!!!!!!

Father Tony of the Farmboyz said...

In a perhaps appropriate mis-hearing, Ms Juanita's name is More, not Whore, as in

Stash said...

You see, this is why we need you so you can explain stuff like this to people like me (who don't know art when they see it, much less know how to appreciate it properly).

one of these days I should tell the story of a piece of intaglio printing I did -- was supposed to be a bishop (chess piece) transforming to an onion but somehow it came out as a penis. hm, I must've been channeling my inner gay at 14.

Will said...

Stash: Bishop/penis sounds completely rational to me.