Monday, September 21, 2009

Roam (September 19, 2009, Part II, in which we attend the opening night of a new straight(!) club)

When we approached the velvet rope, we were greeted with deference and were ushered through the door in advance of the line that stretched down 19th St. Why? Because it was clear that anyone of my obvious age would be reviewing the event rather than attending it.

When I told the Baad Lamb that after the Scooter Laforge show we would be attending the opening night of Roam a new hot spot on East 19th between Broadway and Fifth, he wondered about my state of mind. "Come on" I said. "It'll be fun. We haven't been to a straight bar in years. Let's see what it's like."

I am pleased to report that Roam is your classic New York watering hole for the young, very pretty and well-groomed boys and girls eager to compare their beautiful hair.

Not that anyone was rude to me. On the contrary, the staff was exceedingly accommodating and brought me up to the DJ booth in order to better photograph the room. That is where I met the prestigious DJ Claudius Raphael who roared with amusement when I told him that although his music was terrific, I am always displeased whenever I am in a nightspot that does not include Morning Train by Sheena Easton in its play list.

It's good to know that Roam is there because our visiting nieces and nephews who are now young and pretty adults deserve to be taken to a place like this rather than subjected exclusively to that elephants' burial ground of leather daddies known as The Eagle. In any case, we had the good sense to say good night just as the doors began to open up to the first few fresh-faced hopefuls. Ah youth.


Java said...

Oh, yes, very pretty hair.

David said...

"that elephants' burial ground of leather daddies known as The Eagle."

Sometimes I forget how much I love you.