Saturday, December 20, 2008

Caroline says...

This Q&A for Caroline Kennedy is one of the oddest-funniest pieces of writing I've encountered in quite a while. I just finished reading the questions and answers aloud to C, and see if you can't do the same without feeling that her handlers are manipulating a Caroline sock puppet. They seem to want to create a one-name persona for her, like Cher or Charo. (I'm glad to see she's down with gay marriage, but elsewhere in the Q&A, I begin to wonder who she really is.) Anyway, if you do it aloud, use a wise-cracking 1945 Daily Planet reporter-in-fedora voice for the questions, and for the answers, use an Eleanor-Parker-as-the-Baroness-in-Sound-of-Music voice for the Caroline says answers.


Mike said...

It becomes even funnier if you read it like she herself is responding and is one of those people who refers to themselves by their own name. Not the most flattering photo either.

Mondschein said...

I found it more like the interview sequence from "Chicago":

..."Where'd ya come from?"


"And your parents?"

"Very wealthy"

"Where are they now"

"Six feet under"

and so forth.

Doralong said...

A- Her staff obviously requires someone with some actual experience, or at least writing ability.

B- I always felt a bit sorry for her, all the tragedy aside, that's an awfully large legacy for one person to shoulder.