Saturday, December 20, 2008

Gay Protest in New York City tonight


We froze but we marched.
From Herald Square (think Macy's and Miracle on 34th St, you hinterlanders) to Times Square. In numbers approaching a few hundred strong, the little lights of protest warmed up the night. More formal observations and video to follow tomorrow, but

a) Just as I expected and despite instructions from JoinTheImpact, this was not a silent, prayerful or chanting crowd. Out came the megaphones and all the usual shouts of "When I say XXXX, you say XXXX...XXXX! etc. (I really hate that one. It's too convoluted.) and the hey hey ho ho chant was aimed this time at having Rick Warren to go.

b) Numbers were small (<300?) but impact was high: strong sound system and a stage in Times Square.

c) Proof of the consistently amateur or naive approach to this phenomenon is the fact that the wooden podium had no sign on it with a logo and info that would show up in media coverage.

d)And this is MOST important, we need to show great respect and encouragement to the young people who are producing these events. Someone at last is doing something. The flaws are inconsequential. To not show up, despite the weather would have been unthinkable.

Go here
for some pics.


Knucklecrack said...

I love New Yorkers. They never follow rules. I'm glad they were anything but silent.

They were pretty silent in Miami but a decent sized turn out:

Oh and I LOVE the: "When I say xxxx - You say xxx." It's cute and gives people the opportunity to get involved, participate. Plus it really riles the crowd, no? There's a rhythm to it.

I always thought the Hey Hey Ho Ho is a bit dated (don't get hummmphy! with me- I'm just saying) plus it never really rhymes. It's always like one off. Anyway I'm glad you attended and I love the buttons off you!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sweetheart,
Raul and I demonstrated last night in San Diego. We were not as successful in our efforts but I'm glad we participated just the same. It's hard going to malls (private property) without creating issues I guess so they stuck us in a dark far corner on the outside of the mall where we only encountered a few people and a lot of cars leaving the parking area. Yeah, it was a bust for our group but clearly a big success on a national scale. My husband and I will continue to participate in these demonstrations and I'm truly humbled and inspired by all the great work that comes from the young organizers.
Love to you both,
John Whitley

Debriefer said...

We here in the hinterlands of the CT shoreline have heard nothing about this. Padre, the link isn't working!! How do we get information for future events. Thanks. See you in Fort Lauderdale perhaps!!

Father Tony of the Farmboyz said...

Dear Debriefer,
I fixed the link. I'll be driving down to Fort L in a few days. Would love to see you there.