Saturday, December 13, 2008

See C

This afternoon we stopped by the Postmasters Gallery on 19th Street to see Jennifer and Kevin McCoy’s “I’ll Replace You”, a photography and video exhibit exploring the business of exchanging viewers, artists and critics with themselves (the real McCoys).

I was eager to see this because C is featured in a large composite photo in which Jennifer poses with a number of people who are wearing Kevin’s orange vest and a wig/glasses/stashe combination that mimics his look. (In an adjacent piece, Jennifer is replaced by people who pose with Kevin.)

Can you spot the boy, even as he recreates his pose, albeit in mirror image?

Here he is.

At another gallery we saw this, for which there are no words.


BigAssBelle said...

C cuts quite a stylish figure in that hair and vest.

that pink thing. does it look to you like a giant hot pink clitoris? or just me?

LT Garcia said...

I thought the pink thing looked like a big pink megaphone but really, there truly are no words.

This reminded me of a speculative conversation my ex and I used to have occasionally after going to exhibitions of weird art. We wondered what happens to the weird art when the exhibit is over. Sure, some pieces will probably be bought by rich and eccentric people with too much time, money and space on their hands, but it's fairly safe to say a lot of this stuff never finds a home. So what happens to it? Is there a home for weird art somewhere? A weird art graveyard? Does weird art get recycled into more weird art? Is it given to homeless or poor weird art aficionados? Is there a weird art bank, in the same vein as a food bank, somewhere? Is it shipped on barges en masse to third world countries?

Clearly, I have a bit too much time on my hands myself.

Father Tony of the Farmboyz said...

Dear Belle and LTG,
It is supposed to be a megaphone. I don't know why it is composed of pink plush puffs.

We too have often wondered where this stuff ends up. I will be on the look out for future "art" composed of pink puffs in some other iteration.