Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tomorrow on Bilerico: "His Man Goes South for the Winter"

You'll have to go to Bilerico tomorrow at noon for my response to the following:

Dear Father Tony,

You won’t print this, I know, but maybe you can email me your opinion. I met a guy I like but there is a problem. He told me before we met that he was really into one thing. His face in my butt. (My on-line pics show I’ve got some classic bubble butt). I chatted with him because he is gorgeous (my opinion) and I began to fall for him. When we finally hooked up, he wasn’t kidding. I didn’t see much of his face and my mattress got the rest of him if you get my meaning. He says he’s never had it so good and I really cannot complain because he is so good at it, but still. We have talked about this. I told him I want more and spelled out what I like to do. He shrugs and says that is the way he is. When we are not going at it, we have great conversation. He is very well educated and can recite English poetry for hours. I love the sound of his voice (English accent) and I feel guilty about complaining but I want what I want just like he wants what he wants. I know you are going to say that we should never go into a relationship thinking we can change someone, and I guess I did but isn’t it OK to ask him to think about me sometimes? Sheesh. Is that too much to ask? I think I should stop seeing him and I think you will say that but sometimes I think maybe there is a way to work this out so we both get what we want. That’s it. Is there a way to make it work?


Update. It's up. Get on it.


The Neighbors Will Hear said...

Fuck other guys.

ManDancer said...

Philip or Carl or Taylor is who he is. Please don't try to tie him down or change him for the sake of the rest of us that are happy with this trait of his.

henry said...

Reading the headline I thought it was an inquiry that C sent to you anonymously. That was wrong, obviously.

Anonymous said...

You could have at least posted his photos. Tease.

Tater said...

Well, as long as his buddy doesn't want to soul kiss afterwards, he should count his blessings. The training you suggested was a good idea, but if he is entrenched in the trench, likes living in the foxhole, has crowned himself the royal fudge taster, is addicted to the chocolate starfish, can't stop tickling the balloon knot, it will be to no avail. To some it would be living in the lap of luxury.

If the above was not enough, my word verification is:


OMO said...

So, his online pics show he's "got some classic bubble butt". I could do with some myself - please let me know where they can be "got" and I'll ask Santa. Cheers!