Sunday, October 12, 2008

Father Geoffrey Farrow has been suspended.

I left the following comment on his blog post about the suspension:

Dear Father Geoff,
We rather knew it would come to this. Sadly, a man does not get to be a bishop by championing truth and by facilitating the movement of the Holy Spirit. He is given authority because he can be trusted to uphold the laws of Roman Catholicism. The kindness you extend to the bishop of Fresno is noble but undeserved. Shame on him for having passed on an opportunity for greatness and witness to the real message of Jesus Christ. He has unfortunately chosen to be ordinary in every sense of the word.
You shine a bright light on some important issues, and I am hoping that your voice will be heard widely because of this suspension. If only your brother priests had but a fraction of your courage.


Java said...

I'm grateful for your perspective. Thanks for sharing it. Fr. Geoffrey is a hero in my eyes.

Tater said...

A sad day indeed. The church gets an EPIC FAIL yet again, as they pass on the opportunity to uphold the dignity of thousands of their flock. Fr. Geoffrey is a hero in my eyes as well, and I am saddened that his courageous act was not echoed by his gay brothers in the priesthood.

Birdie said...

Thank you for shining a strong light on this story. It must be shared, over and over, until everyone hears. Any readers who are moved by these events can help by linking Father Geoff's story on your blog and in your comments. You never know—perhaps the one who needs to see this story of grace and courage is the one who sees it from you.