Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Father Geoffrey Farrow vs the Bishop of Fresno


So far, the bishop's official response is that he has only heard rumors about the homily. Father Farrow has backed him into a corner. He will have to react. To ignore it would be to open the door to further dissent among the preaching clergy. I'll bet that at the Chancery Office in Fresno, they're referring to Farrow as "Typhoid Mary".


j.m.Kelley said...

The good news is that the Church already blesses, at least tentatively, same-gender relationships! By this I mean the Ecclesia, the full Body of Christ, the Church in the pews (as opposed to the hierarchy).

According to every survey, about two-thirds of practicing Catholics reject Rome’s position and support either civil unions or full marriage rights for same-gender couples. Fr. Farrow reflects the sense of the faithful more than the pope on this issue, and many local priests already bless same-gender commitments.

“Is there so much love in the world that we can afford to discriminate against any kind of love ?!” -- Fr. Mychal Judge, ‘the Saint of 9/11’


sageweb said...

I read about this yesterday and I am also fascinated with the story. I just hope some good comes out of it...for him and us.

gloriman said...

Sadly, I fear the worst is in store for Father Farrow. Pray 'em if ya got 'em....this good man will need all the support we can muster. Rumor has it he is staying with friends.

Birdie said...

It is my wish that the door has indeed been opened and more priests will step through. May Father Geoff's courage be the catalyst to change, however small. You can never know the pivotal moment until it has passed.

ReyD said...

Farrow is a man with cojones, just ask Madeleine Albright.