Tuesday, October 28, 2008

San Telmo

On Sunday, we walked from the hotel into the adjacent San Telmo neighborhood. If we lived here, this would be a neighborhood we would consider. Unlike Palermo Viejo, it is in the process of emergence, and retains the rough edges.

We jumped into the gaudy and festive weekly flea market that extends for many blocks down the street called Defensa.

C got himself a hand-painted t shirt from an artist who signs himself DayTribal.

We made the acquaintance of the fabulous Naty Menstrual, who has her own line of clothing, and who writes a blog that is full of steamy stories that require no translation.

Portrait settings abound in San Telmo.

Back at the hotel, the pool party was in full swing.


Stash said...

Is that hot Latin heaven or what?


Jérôme said...

Dear Father,
it is none of my business - actually it's more C's - but did you coulour your hair?? If I may say so, I prefered when not...
Hope you won't disaprove my personal comment. Have a nice time in Baires.

Father Tony of the Farmboyz said...

Dear jérôme,

Quite OK to ask, as it is in fact the viewer's business. A vacation is for fun and to set the self out of the ordinary with foolish, harmless reckless things like hair color. Every time I go in the hotel pool, it washes several shades lighter. Soon, I will be an unbelievable golden blonde.

Anonymous said...

The pictures and colors they display are really nice. Glad you had a nice time.

Jérôme said...

Dear Father,
I must confess I was confused (almost bewildered) about your quite change of taste (and C's)...
Please send us a picture when you'll be golden blonde.

Doralong said...

While the entire holiday looks smashing- I really must know where Naty got the bag, it's adorable!