Monday, October 20, 2008

OMO's JFK/FLL review.

It is annoying to have so little time left for the pleasure of reading what anyone else is delivering. Mostly, I stumble into your woods when you leave me a comment. This is inefficient but I have no other options and it did lead me to OMO's recent spot-on review of New York City and Fort Lauderdale.

What he says about the NYC bath house is correct. The entering of it is so strenuously convoluted, and one is so exhausted by it that only the prospect of the safest sex (flopping down in the steam room and sleeping till it's time to go) remains.

Their time in Abercrombie & Fitch. Well, if that's your poison, expect the burping.

Gym bar. I agree, but occasionally it does attract some men who actually do something with a ball on grass. And it is certainly not as bad as the "sports bar" in Lauderdale in which most of the attendees are chain-smoking.

About Fort Lauderdale. Well if you've been reading me for a spell, you know my opinion about the state of the minds of the men who live there and the redemption of their bodies.

I'll part ways with OMO only by conclusion. I do like living in both of those places. I think you need to scratch their surfaces more deeply to see how and where they can glow. When these men return, I hope they will let me show them some of what they missed and judging by OMO's other posts, they missed a good deal of what they would have liked. Some doors are unmarked. Some corners located only with Luminol.

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SubtleKnife said...

The Luminol cracked me up! I think if there's one thing I do not want to take with me to such places, it's that...