Monday, October 20, 2008

A Florida Vote by Absentee Ballot

My Florida absentee ballot has arrived via the post office.

It cost Broward County $1.34 in postage to send it to me, and according to the instructions, I will need to affix $1.17 in postage to the return package.

The instructions are extensive and there seem to be several ways to nix the validity of the ballot, in addition to insufficient postage.

Using a red or blue pen or a pencil is verboten. (It takes black to turn this state blue or red.) If you erase something, you’ll need to request a new ballot. Since there is not enough time for that, I simply must read the instructions carefully and get it right the first time.

Not using the “secrecy envelope” would be bad. (Although I can’t figure out how this folded paper with glue on only one edge can possibly be called a “secrecy” anything.)

The whole schmeer must be placed in the mailing envelope, the back of which is printed with something called the “Voter’s Certificate” which, if not properly completed and signed, will scuttle your vote.

And then there are those things beyond the voter’s control, such as, the US Post Office’s tendency to deliver things lately.

Although my pen momentarily hovered over the Libertarian line, and also briefly wanted to show some love to Cynthia McKinney and Ralph Nader, you will see that I soon came to my senses.

This, accessed through Bilerico-Florida, was certainly helpful in the selection of names I might not recognize.

There were many paragraphs describing proposed constitutional amendments (including the obviously odious “prop 2”). I don’t think most folks will be able to read these and make a sensible yes/no choice. They are wordy and hazy trains that seem to bury the basic question somewhere beyond sight. Many of them seem to want to give more power to the county or to certain elected individuals. Some proposed new entities to deal with housing or transportation. This is because the people currently in government cannot deal with those basic issues. Why on earth would I assume that the newly created boards will be any more successful?

I have discharged my responsibilities, and have done my part to help turn Florida blue.


rptrcub said...

Congratulations. I did mine in September for the Peach State. Here's hoping the pundits get a shock on Nov. 4.

Tater said...

Being from a state that is overwhelmingly voting for Obama, I wish I could vote in a state like Florida, where every ballot counts. Glad you made a strategic choice.

Paris said...

Being in a state that is overwhelmingly voting for McCain, I too wish I could vote in Florida.

But we do have early voting here, which I like better than absentee ballots as I somehow feel like it will actually be counted.

Mike said...

The only thing that seems to matter in an election nowadays is who COUNTS the votes. In states like Florida and Ohio, I'm very afraid.

Anonymous said...

"(It takes black to turn this state blue or red.)"


I haven't checked in for some time, but I hope you had fun in Argentina.

All's well and quiet for me. My restaurant has closed for the season, and the next seven months seem promising.


Father Tony of the Farmboyz said...

Dear EffyinP,
We go to Buenoe Aires this Thursday (with only the smallest of carry-ons).

Anonymous said...

Stop whining you should be greatful for the opportunity to vote.