Saturday, October 25, 2008

Two worms

We had to flee New York City because it had become a veritable Diet of Worms. That was one salvo I had considered for this post, but it was a tad to obscure and besides, this is about art, not religion.

I also considered something about how the worm turns, traceable to Shakespeare's Henvy IV, Part 3, but that reference is meaningless.

Basically, I have lost the key to Cleverton while we are lounging by the pool at the Hotel Axel in Buenos Aires, shedding the influence of the Lunesta pills we took in order to sleep during the eleven hour flight (and I highly endorse those tiny blue pills to make such a flight seem so much shorter). They were given to us by our next door neighbor in New York who is also here in BA and we'll be meeting her and her ex-pat friends to eat steak on Sunday.

Here's the deal: We saw some wormish art by Ernesto Neto at a gallery in Chelsea. We also went to the thank-god-it's-temporary wormish Chanel Art Container set up in Central Park. In a post-to-come, I will include some pics of a startlingly good side building in the Chanel thing. One that was built just to hold the swag bags given to everyone who goes throiugh the art exhibit. Meanwhile, you might want to read Nicolai Ouroussoff's review of the wormish building designed by Zaha Hadid for Chanel.

But really, if you just want entertainment (and who does not) just watch these two Youtube videos. In the first one, I interview one of the guards at the Chanel thing. In the second one, we go into the installation by Ernesto Neto.

Words about Buenos Aires coming soon.

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Homer said...

Tucson has a giant rattlesnake pedestrian bridge that you walk through the head and when you get to the tail a motion sensor makes a rattlesnake sound go off. It is very pretty.