Monday, January 12, 2009

Golden Globe Gowns

A good gown has to enhance the woman in it while retaining some artistry of its own, and, it has to move.

As I watched the nominees and presenters at the 2009 Golden Globe Awards Ceremony – and you can find a good compilation of the ladies in their finery here - (all the following photos are ripped from that slideshow), I found the menswear insignificant or annoying, but the women were dazzling , with “classic” as the predominant note.

I was wowed by the red-robed Eva Longoria. You had to see her walk on stage to really understand why she was the evening’s best-dressed woman. (Am I fair to judge a woman’s intelligence by the gown she chooses?)

She looked...Divine.

I’m giving a strong and surprising second-place to Drew Barrymore who justified her crooked hair. I think she’s ready to star in an Angie Dickinson bio-pic. (Did she swap purses with Eva?)

The absolute vavoom of Beyonce Knowles and Megan Fox is indisputable, but their dresses were only slavish servants to their curves.

Anne Hathaway whose skin tone always makes her look rather refrigerated seemed to step out of a John Singer Sargent painting. Third place.

Equally alluring was Penelope Cruz, but there ought to have been a necklace. Did it fall off in the limo?

I was highly impressed by Mrs. Pierce Brosnan who proved that zaftig can be sexy. She seemed perfectly comfortable in this elegant dress.

As a subcategory, the black dresses with shear panels were not so hot. Did a troop of girl scouts sew these to get a merit badge?

Finally, there is Glenn Close who did not walk on stage. She was beamed up.


Bigezbear said...

Forgive me, but I don't believe that's Angelina Jolie up there.

Father Tony of the Farmboyz said...

Oops. Sorry and thnx Big, it's Megan Fox. Angelina was in a similar color but more drapey.

Anonymous said...

love the word zaftig.....

Caddy Jean

Mike P. said...

Re: Drew vs. Eva purse swap

In the immortal words of Michael Kors via Project Runway:
"It's a little matchy-matchy" :P

Father Tony of the Farmboyz said...

Maybe so, Mike P., but that red purse with Drew's blue is a little too edgy-edgy for my taste.

Mike P. said...

I'll give you that one FT. Maybe a purse in a bubblegum pink? BTW.. the Divine update was spot-on. ;)

henry said...

More importantly - what are YOU going to wear on the red carpet for the weblog awards? Strapless? off-the-shoulder? gloves?

Father Tony of the Farmboyz said...

Dear Henry,
According to one commenter on JoeMyGod, everyone at Bilerico dresses in burlap....

BigAssBelle said...

I was speechless at the sight of Mrs. Brosnan. WTF? I had to search out extra photos of her on the google thing, and what I found left me, to use my mother's term, flabbergasted.

She looks lovely, as did your other picks, especially Ms. Eva and the cute little girl with the fluffy hair, what's her name?

But to find the curvaceous Mrs. Brosnan was quite affirming for all of us middle-aged, generously curvy women. Hallelujah ;-)

Birdie said...

Penelope needs more color and contrast. Soft does her no favors. Make that dress cobalt or ruby and she would have knocked 'em out.

Jeffrey C said...

I thought Kate Winslet's dress was a classic.

Father Tony of the Farmboyz said...

Dear Jeffrey,
I don't remember it. What did you like about it that sets it apart?

The Milkman said...

I loved Drew's dress... so curvy and pretty. The hair though... it was a bit "Pepper Anderson" for my taste. And I may agree with you about the red purse with that... it was a little jarring.

Mrs. Brosnan was a surprise. She looked quite elegant, and I love it when the big girl gets the hottie. Very "Muriel's Wedding".

Glenn Close looked like she was wearing the upholstery fabric from an ottoman purchased at Levitz Furniture circa 1975. Not cute.

And I'm stunned by the insight of your comment on Anne Hathaway. Her look is totally Sargent... she looked very much like Sargent's 1884 "Portrait of Madame X" (seen here:

Hathaway gives hope to those of us with porcelain-like skin tones. She's tall, beautiful, fair, and elegant... with a great smile and a bawdy humor to match. Go pale girl!

Father Tony of the Farmboyz said...

Dear Milkman,
That is the painting that came to mind, and i think I'll add it to the post.

buff said...

What was with Renee and Laura Dern?

Not appealing at all

When will they have a hairy musclebear awards show?

Then we won't have to see such ugly gowns. WOOOF.

As always, mega hairy muscle hugs of thanks for sharing.

buff said...

What was with Renee and Laura Dern?

Not appealing at all

When will they have a hairy musclebear awards show?

Then we won't have to see such ugly gowns. WOOOF.

As always, mega hairy muscle hugs of thanks for sharing.

Doralong said...

Like I could NOT comment on a red dress...

Mrs. Parker looked stunning. Reem Acra misses once in a while, but she generally does dead sexy without being tawdry amazingly well.

As to the lovely Ms.Barrymore- altogether charming, but fire your stylist dear. The hair was cute but just a little too much.. The purse he or she should have been shot for. I'm thinking vintage woven silver evening clutch, not patent red! Yes, it's on record I actually said I disliked something red. Hell has indeed possibly frozen over.