Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The alleged killer of George Weber

Also, read Nowholdon's comment on the previous post for directions to more pictures and videos while they are still available, and if you have the stomach for it.

Young gay men who are beginning to socialize in bars and on hook-up sites ought to view these things and carefully read about the victim and the alleged killer. I see no reason to sugar-coat these things.

I wonder which of the many knives in his collection he used on George Weber.
I wonder if his father, pictured with him in some of the photos, will maintain that collection while his son is in jail.


Tater said...

His father looks like a real winner. Someone who wanted to hang with his kid instead of actually parenting. Loser parents, messed up offspring. Your kid is into satanism and collecting weapons, what do you do? A) get him in to see a therapist, or B) pose with him for a picture next to a Motley Crue sticker like you were still a teen yourself?

Seeing this kid's myspace page was creepy and revolting. Seeing his idiot father made it even worse. Hope they both wind up behind bars for life.

Off topic, but it is vile to know that straight parents can raise a devil worshiping murderer with little or no interference, but god forbid gay people should be allowed to get married, adopt, and raise a family.

David said...

Young gay men? How about older gay men who should perhaps know better? The victim wasn't young and the killer was.

Father Tony of the Farmboyz said...

Tell it, Tater! Not off topic at all.

Mike said...

Rough trade fantasy became the rough trade nightmare. It's a sick world we live in.

Tater said...

There seems to be an awful lot of people casting judgement upon, and blaming the victim because of a fetish he MAY (or may not) have enjoyed participating in. I am uncertain if the whole rough trade aspect is assumption or fact, but in either case Weber is the victim here. It wasn't long ago I remember hearing a straight person comment that AIDS was God's cure for men engaging in (the fetish) of gay sex. Variety is OK! Let's not rush to put the blame on the victim for his perceived flavor of choice.