Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Repairing something dangerous

Don't miss the comments on this post. Anyone got ideas? It's not like we haven't all been there.

Update: Be sure to read Nowholdon's insider police info in those same comments. There was a 911 call to which the police responded earlier that night. I'm guessing they have enough info to find the killer.


Tater said...

and now on Joe's site, yet another murder from an internet hook up.

Tater said...

oops, my mistake. Same murder, you reported it first.

Paris said...

I can't remember who introduced me this, but as someone who often lives alone and uses the internet to meet people, here's my approach to internet hook-ups:

1. Have basic information about them: name, phone number, their home address (regardless of if you go to him or he comes to you). Verify these if possible. Be prepared to provide the same.

2. Give this information to a trusted friend.

3. Give the same friend the date and time that you are meeting.

4. Have a pre-agreed upon time that you will call your friend or your friend will call you ('round about when you expect the date to end)

5. If the date is going badly, that phone call provides a variety of excuses to end the encounter, plus clues in Mr. Annonymous that you have people looking out for you.

The only down-side is a friend who knows a fair bit about your sex life, but haven't most of us got one of those anyway?

Now that I think about it, I'm fairly sure I got these guidelines/suggestions from somewhere in the trans community, tgirls know how to keep each other safe when you can't count on the police to help.

I will confess that I've rarely used the whole process, as I'm more likely to end up with a friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend than a complete stranger, but I think it is a sensible alternative for those of us for whom sex clubs are not entirely accessable.

nowholdon said...

NYPD Homicide Detectives are now interviewing a young man who may have replied to an add on Craigslist posted by the deceased Mr. Weber. Father Tony suspicions were "right on".

As I commented here early on, the 17 year old's defense attorney will claim " rough sex", consensual encounter gone " Boy George" wrong, or Weber demanded freaky sexy ( think S and M) and the youth had to defend himself.

That in itself will fuel the general stereotypes that our community are molesters, and deviates exploiting youthful innocence in a perpetual quest for sex.

As I posted yesterday the DA is at the 76 precinct video taping the interview/confession. ( No cop cover up or indifference to the gay community)

Father Tony, has correctly identified a problem in the community.

True Love, escapes many in our community. Getting "OFF" has become a substitute for human intimacy.

We all know the lines on Craigslist " generous", 420 friendly, bring snow, Tina.

In my line of work " vice" is booze, boys/girls , bets, and narcotics. And with them are negative secondary effects,we know what they are. Yet some accept them as the price we pay for being gay. Really?

Many in our community condone and participate in weekend recreational drug. They argue part time drug use is not necessarily the highway to hell.

As such they endorse, and condone illegal substance abuse, yet the law has no " gay weekend pass". How can we as a community demand " rights" yet so many break other laws, intended to protect society from self, dangerous harm. Such beliefs are illogical and deviate from principals of law. ( Read Senator Moynihan ( Democrat NY) Defining Deviancy Downward. As Mayor Koch said " Im a Liberal with Sanity",.

Father Tony is leading this discussion, his insight on human behavior is right on.

What are our brothers and sisters of the soul looking for? Come home clubbing to the wee hours buzzed to the moon put out an advertisement on Craigslist and wham bam thank you mam. I understand the youthful energy in your teens and twenties to do this, but how Sophomoric the behavior for those over 30.

We need to establish and expand alternative forms of meeting. Wine Clubs, , Brunch Clubs, Sports Leagues.

We need more true love and friendships, not anonymous encounters of the homicide kind.

We need to address this issue and take back our community from the "Club Promoters" and their drug induced culture that is harming our community.

We need better leadership in the community, can you imagine Al Sharpton, at a Black Party. His ticket would be punched.

The killings in N.Y. and Lauder dale are a wake up call and the time to change direction for the betterment of our community.