Thursday, March 26, 2009

Today on Bilerico: The Gay Death Wish.

You will have to go to Bilerico today after 10:30AM EST to see my response to Steve regarding the recent murders:

Dear Father Tony:

I love your writing. and I remember your postings about Vishara. I hope you would consider doing an entry about cruising safely. I spend alot of my time in Cape May county. We are on the tip of the Cape, and we have no sex club or bookstore available for at least 30 miles. The internet (Craigs list, and Manhunt are the main cruising venues available here. We do have a couple of mixed bars, but if you don't drink the internet is the only game in town. Atlantic City is over 36 miles away, and they only have one bar. 

You have pointed out the dangers of cruising online, you've posted about your experiences in sex clubs, and bookstores. I find it kind of odd, because you have taken a rather absolute "do not cruise online" stance on the subject, where you are more generally tolerant, or take a live and let live attitude on sexual matters. I would love to read more of your thoughts on the subject, and your thoughts on safe cruising.

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Anonymous said...

First, Father, thank you for addressing this important topic. There's nothing wrong with cruising, as long as it's safe. My rule--for myself and others--has always been, meet someone in a public place. You can learn a lot from your initial gut reaction.

I was a little surprised to read some of the comments at Bilerico. I didn't hear anything moralistic in what you wrote; and frankly, if safety isn't even addressed, there's a big problem. If men are risking their lives for a quickie, that's wrong. The wrongness, of course, is in the risk, not in the pursuit or desire. I think that's what a few of your readers failed to get.

At any rate, thank you for writing about it!

--Fr. Tim of South Philly, Yo.