Monday, March 23, 2009

Bilerico is giving away $400 worth of celebrity dazzle

Hey folks, 'specially you greater New Yorkers, go to this post on Bilerico if you'd be interested in winning tickets to the 20th Annual GLAAD Media Awards in New York City this Saturday. And who wouldn't? Wait till you read the list of celebrities who will be there.

I myself am ethically barred from tossing my name into the contest hat, but last I heard, Bilerico was thinking about getting me a media pass, so I might see you there. Imagine you and me and Clay Aiken under the table. (I don't think he'll have the baby with him.) I'm steamin' the wrinkles out of my Monica-blue dress just thinkin' about it!


Martigyrl said...

Cute, puns intended, right?
Thats quite the
I'd love to be under the table with Clay Aiken, we'd talk about that tour we're dying to see happen.

Father Tony of the Farmboyz said...

My goodness, Martigyrl, I just visited your blog and it seems like you are more than mildly smitten with the Clay. What is absolutely flabbergasting, however, is that under "Favorite Music" on your profile, right after Clay, you list Eminem!!
Win those tickets, Girlfriend, and we'll party like it's 1969 (when I felt the same way about Mama Cass Elliott.)