Tuesday, March 31, 2009

St. John of Hell's Kitchen

Monday night at LaBamba, I bumped into someone who had once served as my altar boy. John (on the left) is honeymooning in Fort Lauderdale with his cute partner, Mauricio.

John is exactly the type of man I recently wrote about on Bilerico in Why weeding out the gay is a good thing for the Roman Catholic Church. A tireless gay advocate and community activist, he would have become a great priest had he not left the seminary. This is why the Roman Catholic Church is doomed to come very close to extinction before it may be revived.


DavidWilton said...

Maybe compassionate gay men are society's new priesthood.

Hmm, that sounds a little outlandish now that I see it on the screen.

ewe said...

May be revived? The word "may" being the operative word there i interpret you to be stressing?