Saturday, March 14, 2009


Dear B and P,

On my skates earlier today in the park, I stopped to take a picture of the lot you are considering.

The house looks nice from here, but having seen it close up, I agree that it's not really a great example of its genre, and knowing you would tear it down and replace it got me thinking about what you might build.

I came up with a concept house for you that I'm calling Pianopiano which is Italian for Go slowly which is what we do down here, no?

It is based on the shape of a grand piano to reflect B's love and it also maximizes the view to the south that P was so taken with. It would be curved white concrete in the modern/deco style of the Fort Lauderdale houses you both most admire. The three layers would fall within the zoned height limits (34 feet?) with open terraces on the upper levels including the rooftop. The railings/balustrades could be made of metal shaped like an upright keyboard, or, in clear glass with the black keys in etched glass. The exterior walls would be floor to ceiling hurricane glass.

One possible modification would be to extend the straight sides of the upper layers west toward the street so that they each overhang the one below. This would make for a less severe street side facade and provide a shaded overhang to the front door.

Here it is in situ. I think it fits within the set-back requirements and would give you 3000-4000 square feet with lots of outdoor space. I threw in a pool and brick terrace leading to the water. C likes it, and I'll be curious to know what your architect thinks. (You know you can click it for a closer view.)


Anonymous said...

dear father T,
please don't forget a Liberace Candelabra.
hugs not drugs,
chubby hubby

Blindman said...

Tony, for cryin' out loud, is there anything you can't do?

Jeff said...

Perhaps this brands me as hopelessly at odds with current housing trends, but I would simply live in the sweet little house that is already there. Some period furnishings and a Cafe-Au-Lait Studebaker Avanti in the driveway and I would be all set.

Oh, and maybe Matt Alber.

ewe said...

It is inspirational. Harmony. I love it. I do not want to rain on your parade but one might need to consider resale value.

Father Tony of the Farmboyz said...

Dear ewe,
B and P say this would be their last house before entering real estate menopause, so resale value isn't as important for them. Also, waterfront tends to hold value. I'm more curious about how much of a good deal can be had with so many contractors/architects suddenly hungry for work and willing to slash their prices.

Doralong said...

How fabulous! If the architect does indeed use your inspiration, I for one would love to see the final plan.

Bear Me Out said...

Planning, counseling, views and reviews, and enough computer savy to insert the new model into a google satelite shot. Amanzing.

Dare I say, fabulous?

Pontchartrain said...

For cryin' out loud, is there anything you DON"T THINK you can do?

Jk'ing, jk'ing!