Sunday, March 22, 2009

High Mass at high noon, earlier today

Can't tell you how we were ushered in without tickets, and with camera, but here are my ten discrete stills and some vid overlapped by what he was playing at noon. It's still a great party in a great space. Arrive late, and, spared the sight of those crazed by ingestion or ejaculation, you'll be among the hordes of beautiful soldiers who live to dance. We didn't see anyone we knew, but I did see the quintessential lobby decorations: large papier mache phalluses sprouting from greenery. I always enjoy the bananas and Italian cookies after worship and before returning to sunlight. If you've never been, you should go. If you've retired, do it again while you've still got two good knees.

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Countess Bedelia said...

Tony, did you see my friend Doug? He was playing Adam with the pythons! He was one of my dates on Friday night at Joe's Pub.

The Countess