Tuesday, August 31, 2004

I find it hard

to understand why folks feel that a CEO who moves jobs overseas should be penalized by some legal action, some new regulatory measure. There is only one reason for a business to exist: the generation of cash in the form of profit. Anyone who does not wish to make money should engage in a hobby, but not a business. If a CEO makes his company profitable, using law abiding means and methods, he is entitled to name his compensation. If you, the consumer, do not like his law abiding means and methods, do not buy his product. It's really that simple. If you are employed by a CEO whom you do not respect, you have the option of working elsewhere. It's really that simple.


Anonymous said...

At what expense, and eroded national tax base, an eroded national morale.... a society can not exist in which all are CEOs. There must be economic balance that comes with stratification of wealth...remove a layer and the house collapses. The only jobs that are safe appear to be those of the CEOs, small business owners, government workers....and oh, the military, if that is considered safe.

Calliope Terme said...

CEO's...je les aime beaucoup!