Monday, August 01, 2005

Central Park Proposal

DSC01792, originally uploaded by farmboyz.

This man has just proposed marriage to this woman at the Loeb Boathouse in Central Park. The waiter brought her two chocolate cupcakes iced with the words of proposal. "Will you" on one. "Marry Me" on the other. Her boyfriend got down on his knees by the table. She accepted him, and the crowd applauded.

Does one propose en publique to help insure a "yes"? Does a woman receiving a public proposal say yes for fear of creating a disturbing common memory, knowing that she can always rescind? What if she had said "This is so sweet...I'm overwhelmed. I need some time to think." the cupcakes would have tasted like vinegar. What would she have worn, if she had known in advance?

On the shore beyond the boats (you can't see it, blocked by her head) is a bride and groom having their wedding photos taken next to the Bethesda Fountain.

These two seem to be happily accepting their place in Time, while we happily accepted our third set of Ketel One Bloody Marys (Hey. We had to wait an hour for the table, OK?)

The newly engaged couple shared one cupcake, and then she explained to the waiter that she wanted to keep the second one. maybe they'll eat it on their anniversary. Maybe it'll someday be dumped with the trash, put out in front of their brownstone as we walk by on a Sunday morning, looking into the windows of other people's lives. Stats say it's a 50/50.

The Bethesda Fountain

DSC01799, originally uploaded by farmboyz.

My Sennelier oil pastels melting in the sun of a sultry weekend.