Thursday, September 15, 2005


  • The New York Times
  • is reporting that the Pope has mandated (a great word for him) a search of American seminaries for "evidence of homosexuality".

    Hmmm. Statues of Mary? Check.
    Long flowing brightly colored silk brocade garments? Check.
    No girls? Check. Check . Check.

    Actually, this witch hunt would be horrendous and distressing if it had been mandated decades ago when the seminaries were full and fully gay. Today, they are largely empty, and the inquisitors will have no more success than they had when their clipboards read "Weapons of Mass Destruction".

    Further sad hilarity can be had when one realizes that any inspection team assembled by the Vatican or by the American Catholic clergy at the request of the Vatican will consist largely of gay men (i.e., those lazy fat old queens who never got out while they were young enough to do something else with their lives).


    I may have left an empty bottle of poppers and an early issue of Details in the loo of a Benedictine seminary in southern Indiana.


    bj said...

    i just wish the non-clergy gays who are Catholic would finally - FINALLY say "ENOUGH!" and leave the goddamn church and go to some other "christian" church - it's not like there aren't others actually ADVERTISING they want us! don't bother trying to change the dying old irrelevant thing - just leave it and let it die...

    Mark said...

    Can you imagine the little useless inquisition those self-hating old queens will cook up?

    My partner, a former Franciscan brother, was both amused and saddened for much the same reasons. There's really not much left in seminary life except for the old, the lame and the halt...all those poor gay children who just couldn't cope with the outside world and settled for a life of "three hots and a cot".

    Depend on a German pope to want to "purify" the seminaries.

    Helen the Felon said...

    Cannot stop laughing long enough to formulate intelligent comment.