Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Best Gay Blog of 2005

Do take a moment and go
  • here
  • not just to vote for "Farmboyz" in the Best Gay Blog of 2005 category, (or for Joe.My.God. in the Best Popular Gay Blog of 2005 category, or for CircleinaSquare for Best New Gay Blog) but also to sample some of the other rather extraordinary lives belonging to so many really hot men.

    So little time for it all.

    PS: what are we to make of the fact that someone's google search for "Asian locker room" brought them to Perge Modo on the same day that someone else's search for "bimbo butt bang" also brought them here? Ecco la mia vita; come sono caduto in baso.


    tornwordo said...

    I'm more curious about WHO would enter the terms bimbo butt bang. It is only for you that I will be voting. More people need to read you.

    JMG said...

    You need to petition that guy to change your name to Perge Modo, I skipped that category when I couldn't find you.