Monday, February 06, 2006

You'd miss this. We will all miss this.

old fl, originally uploaded by farmboyz.

Old Fort Lauderdale was composed of exactly this sort of visual moment. New development is obliterating all traces of the past as parcels are assembled to allow for glass towers. Walking or driving across the draw bridge on East Sunrise, you'd barely notice this place down twenty feet at the level of the old road before the bridge was built. Oh well.


Kitty said...

OK, I am finally going from being a perpetual lurker on your blog to posting. :) This post struck me as I see the same thing happening here in my little stretch of FL. Quirky beach spots and restaurants have been making way for condos that stretch as far as the eye can see.

It is a sad thing.

Anonymous said...

I spent 3 months in Ft Lauderdale working for my (UK) company a couple of years back, and loved the place - so much more laid back than Miami.
I remember this place - great Fajitas!
(We were living in the huge apartment block just the other side of the bridge).
Thanks for rekindling old memories!