Thursday, March 02, 2006

Mr. Parker

Al Parker (from BJ's collection), originally uploaded by farmboyz.

A couple of weeks ago, on a Sunday evening, I'm in a booth at the second floor Sri Lankan speakeasy on 80th, with this black muscle number who pauses and says "You know who you look like? I just figured it out. You look just like Al Parker. You ever see him?" Now I've seen plenty of Al Parker, and the compliment startles me, so later in the week, I email The Expert who sends me this pic and says that maybe the eyes are what moved him to make the comparison. Anyway, the guy gets back into gear, and he can't seem to go fast enough, so I say "Whoa! Hold the Acela, fella. What's your hurry." He checks his watch and says "Gotta get home in time for Desperate Houswives".


Red said...

"A Sri Lankan speakeasy on 80th" — nicely put, T.


tornwordo said...
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tornwordo said...

Al parker was my first porn crush. I think he brought my budding sexuality to fruition a dozen times that first day of discovering him.

Sounds like a very nice compliment.

BriteYellowGun said...

I always thought Al Parker was a pretty hot looking guy...until he'd pull his pants down and unleash that "thing". Has an uglier, more beat-up and abused penis ever been committed to film? He wouldn't have been getting that thing anywhere near me! But...whadooIknow?

JMG said...

it's definitely the eyes.

i can see it.