Monday, September 18, 2006

A Montreal painter worth viewing

andre demers, originally uploaded by farmboyz.

We have two paintings by Andre Demers. They are unlike anything else on our walls. This one is about 2'X3'. His work is very "outsider" and hypnotic. It has been a great pleasure to watch his obsession with repeating shapes and themes and decorative elements evolve over the past several years - and to watch his mastery of paint grow.

He has just put up a site that includes some recent paintings.

In addition to the fact that we like living with his paintings, I am guessing that now is the time to collect him, while he is still relatively obscure and affordable.


A Bear in the Woods said...

Those are the best kind of artists to own, obscure, talented and affordable.
I like that detail of the Provincetown painting. The quality of the blues with the faint reds in the background. It's obvious you have very fond memories of P'town.

Gexton said...

awesome! It's true haven't seen you put much painting up here in a while, but really sweet!
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