Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A BeautiFolsom Sunday Afternoon

We attended the eleventh annual Folsom Street East Fair on 28th St. in New York City yesterday afternoon. An efficient breeze mitigated what I recall most vividly from previous editions of this event: profuse sweat mixed with sunblock, jostled beer, cigar smoke, leather and metal gear and skin stretched over every imaginable human shape. Ten thousand attended. (Some of the following images will be magnified via your click)

To be sure, this is an event of high silliness focused incongruously on the celebration in full sunlight of a variety of fetishes commonly practiced in darkened rooms by the unsmiling inflictors or receptors of pain, domination or degradation. Yet, there’s much fun to be had here, especially among folks like us who are not into this vein but can appreciate a good show of kink and a chance to toss back a few with our buddies, and rub shirtless shoulders with some of New York’s hottest and friendliest regulars.

Also, I suspect that everyone in attendance, including men like us who are just “tourists” of this underworld, end the day reminded that your mailman, your minister, your plumber, grandmother, butcher or baker, and yourselves, all harbor some version of a lace-trimmed black leather jockstrap under our public personae, and that this reality ought to be classified as whimsical rather than worrisome.

Among the bloggers in attendance were Joe, Mark, Aaron, David, Tom, Glenn, Chris, bj, Vasco, Rey, Scott, Paul, Foxy and Robocub. (Sure I forgot some.)

The words most often said and most often overheard were “See that guy in the cap? I did him. Years ago.” Yes, indeed, the degrees of sexual separation in this huge crowd could easily be counted on less than the greasy fingers of one hand.

Here are Superdaddy Mark and Joe:

Here are C, Vasco and Joe:

And again:

Tommy, as always, looks top-ten hot in his leather, but “raunch” is out of his reach. No matter what he wears or in what shadowy circumstances we encounter him, he looks as if he is the committee chair for a garden party fund-raiser at the Met (C is in his favorite battered jeans and vintage Montreal T from a shop called Parachute):

Admit it. You visit his blog, and not because you like Bjork (He and the BF, who prefers to be unpixelated, were celebrating their second anniversary):
brian & eric1.5

Here’s an uncomfortable looking ensemble that could cause tetanus or at least a rash:
metal ensemble

The good ladies of the Hepatitis screening booth seemed nonplused by his “prime ass”, but you can hear the chair screaming:
prime ass

Now that I know what “yellow” is code for, I did not introduce myself to these two buxom Bobsie twins:
yellow twins

I had thought to write something about the rampant obesity I saw, but instead, I’ll just wonder why the mothers of these ladies forgot to teach them about the perils of horizontal stripes:
ladies in stripes

If, upon waking, a man discovers the arrival of a zit on his butt, should he not choose a different outfit rather than apply a trimmed bandaid in an effort to conceal that to which the eye goes instantly?

Some butterflies need to be returned to their cocoons for reformation. I don’t care to know what a pink paisley kerchief in the right pocket signifies:
butterfly mohawk pink paisley spanky

The sensible summer hair. The park-swing earrings. The sheer and retro-pale lipstick. The edgy black cocktail dress. The clever handbag. The clear lucite pumps. Here's a glamour girl who could turn the head of a soldier in full sun:

Or, enjoy the cool of a breezily bespoke chain mail shrug and miniskirt:

Finally, this astonishingly serene man:


evilganome said...

Father Tony, your review of the event should grace the pages of Town and Country. It seems that this bevy of debutantes were a smash to say the least. Wasn't it Dorothy Parker who said, "If all the girls at the Yale prom were laid end to end, I wouldn't be at all surprised."?

JMG said...

Aren't you kind to remove my wrinkles!

John said...

YouTube says regarding the video "This is a private video. If you have been sent this video, please make sure you accept the sender's friend request."

Mark said...

said removed wrinkles have all been sent to me!!!

dpaste said...

Thanks for giving me some semblance of solid ground to hold onto. It was certainly a wild day.

rodger said...

Is it possible said band-aid is merely a motion sickness patch? She may have been expecting quite a ride.

Anonymous said...

So... what DOES yellow mean?

Rey Rey said...

It was still amazed that Plushie Schwartz remained in his bear costume as long as he did considering how hot it was. That must've been some funky smelling fake fur by the end of the day.

Anonymous said...

are the guys in the yellow not dressed as Daffyd, the only gay in the village from Little Britain?

tornwordo said...

May I have permission to access the video? The screaming chair, lol.

Anonymous said...

"Some butterflies need to be returned to their cocoons for reformation."

That quip made me cough and sputter my iced tea this morning.

Thank you. You helped me feel as if I was there.

Anonymous said...

That particular shade of pink looks to me to be "dark pink" which, when worn on the right, would signify that the fine gentleman like to have his tits tortured. How lovely!

And yellow, sensibly, is for piss.

Ah, the joys of researching the hanky code on the Internet.

BigAssBelle said...

ouch! was that immense, gigantic, horse-like massive thing pierced?? ouch! ouch! ouch!

ROBOCUB said...

Hey Farmboyz, was nice seeing youz again.

Warren said...

bigassbelle: you seem to be eyeballin' penises aplenty these days: first big dick cheney, now this pierced exhibitionist...aren't cha glad summer's here?

BigAssBelle said...

yes i am glad it's summer, as they're easier to see. and i hope to be 95 years old and still with an eye for a big dick. one should never abandon the pleasures of life, even when married to one's soulmate. eyeballing well formed, unusually large peckers is a fine activity, even for an old married broad.

Anonymous said...

If my dick were that massive, I'd probably be walking around naked too!

Anonymous said...

There's a giant face in the upper left corner of the photo of Tommy ("looks top-ten hot in his leather") and C.

Anonymous said...

There's a giant face in the upper left corner of the photo of Tommy ("looks top-ten hot in his leather") and C.