Monday, July 23, 2007


In the produce aisle of the Publix, I find pears from Argentina.

Problems that need correcting:

a) muddy bowl

b) shadowing

c) color balance: the background is too dark or the table too light by comparison.

Things that can't be corrected:

a) positioning of the pears in the foreground. They looked pasted on.

b) the dividing line between surface and background should have been higher or lower rather than cutting the picture in half.

What I'm OK with:

a) the stems.

b) open brushwork

(I have substituted a better photo, tues. 7/24)


Anonymous said...

Publix sells bad art?

Anonymous said...

I like this one a lot, the Dutch Master black, the gorgeous blue glaze, the preternatural pears that glow like lightbulbs and yet also like fleshy Rubenesque backsides. I laughed at your 'stems' comment. Maybe the horizon does need altering, but I don't know how, and tabletop has a slightly Van Gogh 'fingered' quality about it, but I'd be happy with it on my wall as is. I've enjoyed your other pieces, too, but since you're being so critical of this one I thought I'd leap to its defence.
Greg, UK

Anonymous said...

I like it...........

Caddy Jean

Anonymous said...

Picky picky picky.
I'm enjoying the trip through your paintbox.

Mike said...

The black background gives it a Hopper-ish feel. Lovely colors.

Anonymous said...

Too much of a perfectionist, Signore.

I like it though.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't the placement of the pears in the foreground be corrected with shadowing? The sensation of floating or pasting could be grounded with shadow IMHO. I agree with the horizontal line, I always prefer back to the rule of thirds for horizon lines. Love it anyway, though. Keep up the good work!